Microkeratome LASIK


Microkeratome LASIK

The improved vision that results from LASIK surgery with a microkeratome is achieved in two steps. First, the surgeon uses a microkeratome to expose the inner cornea, creating a thin flap of corneal tissue.

Then, the cornea is reshaped using an excimer laser. The creation of the corneal flap with a microkeratome is one of the most important aspects of laser vision correction, and must be performed precisely and accurately.

What is a Microkeratome?

A microkeratome is a precise, hand-held surgical instrument with an oscillating metal blade. It is used to separate the surface layers of the cornea and create a corneal flap during the first step of laser vision correction surgery. First, the microkeratome is placed over the eye, then suction is applied so that the microkeratome is held perfectly still during the procedure. The microkeratome creates a hinged flap, which is laid back while the excimer laser sculpts the cornea into the optimal shape. Once the cornea is re-sculpted into a shape that improves your vision, the tissue is repositioned and healing begins. Visit the LASIK procedure page for a complete step-by-step explanation of LASIK vision correction.

The Modern Microkeratome

In recent years, great advancements have been made in the microkeratome. Laser vision correction is now more accurate and convenient than ever. The newest microkeratomes available on the market offer consistency, precision, and fewer complications.

What Qualities Make a Good Microkeratome?

The factors that determine the quality of a microkeratome are related to its stability and consistency in creating the corneal flap. The newest and best microkeratomes focus on creating corneal flaps that are uniform in thickness, with proper suction maintained throughout the laser vision correction procedure. The following in one of the most state-of-the-art models available today.

Amadeus (state of the art microkeratome)

The Amadeus is one of the more advanced microkeratomes available. It has fewer gears, which reduces the potential for creating an incomplete flap as there is less likelihood of the gears jamming. Studies have established that the Amadeus has fewer instances of flap complications during laser vision correction surgery, such as partial flaps, free caps (unattached flaps), and buttonholes (improperly formed flaps).

This is the microketarome used at Clinica Refractiva Navex with which we perform more than a 1000 successful refractive surgeries per year.

Advantages of the Microkeratome

There are several advantages of using the microkeratome in laser vision correction. Compared with other options, such as “bladeless” LASIK, the microkeratome method is generally faster and more comfortable for the patient. The microkeratome procedure typically lasts about three seconds, compared with 15-20 seconds with IntraLase®. In addition, less suction is necessary with the microkeratome procedure, and less inflammation occurs afterward.

Complications Associated with the Microkeratome

Though rare, there are some potential post LASIK complications that can occur with the microkeratome, such as the risk of a partial flap, hole in the flap, and other flap complications. A flap created using a microkeratome blade can sometimes make the flap thinner in the center and thicker on the edges. A laser flap is the same thickness at the center as it is at the periphery.

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